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The MaxiVet Story

The canine digestive system is meant to be provided with probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. In the wild, canines get these crucial nutrients through the consumption of wild prey intestines. But since most domesticated dogs don’t subsist off wild prey, they don’t enjoy the gut health and vitality of their wild counterparts (i.e. wolves).

That’s why we started MaxiVet, with the simple goal of improving canine nutrition.

After years of research, countless expert consultations, & a handful of reformulations, we’ve created MaxiFlora–the first canine supplement on the market designed to mirror the digestive benefits of consuming wild prey. It’s an all-natural, carefully formulated chew that comes with a wealth of positive, health-promoting, and symptom-relieving benefits.

Probiotic & Prebiotic

MaxiFlora Daily Probiotic (60 Chews)

MaxiFlora was formulated by a team of veterinary experts to mimic the digestive benefits of a prey diet. MaxiFlora is the only supplement made with probiotics found in wild prey, along with plant-based prebiotics and digestive enzymes from fruit. MaxiFlora is essentially “guts in a jar”- a concentrated blend of the most beneficial aspects of wild prey.

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129 reviews

Not to Brag, But Dogs
Are Loving Us

136 Reviews



Great stuff!

My 7 month old spaniel, Ginger, suffered from stomach issues, and loose stools for months prior to trying out this probiotic. Within 3 days, her digestive system normalized and she's been healthy ever since!



Worth its weight in gold

Since my old dog Smitty started on MaxiFlora he's been playing fetch and chasing squirrels with energy I haven't seen in years! He's practically acting like a puppy again. Thank you for such a wonderful product.



great for antibiotic diarrhea

My GSD had terrible GI issues for weeks after antibiotics. After a few days of MaxiFlora she was pooping like a champ again! Her awful gas is also almost totally gone.



Approved by this breeder

Great supplement. I recommend it to all my clients alongside a multivitamin. Improves energy, immunity and obviously GI health. Prevents all kinds of stomach issues, never seen a dog on MaxiFlora come down with a stomach bug.



energy booster

Our former couch potato lab has been running around like a puppy! maybe my husband should start taking this stuff....

Oreo's Mom


Dog loves it.

Noticed a difference in my dog's digestion after taking MaxiFlora... he's much more regular these days.



Was Skeptical At First

Was Skeptical At First.. Started Seeing Differences Little By Little Everyday Now My Eldest Dog Is Doing Better Than She Has In A Few Years Would Recommend To People With Older Dogs



So far, so good!

Bixby has only been on MaxiFlora for a couple of weeks, but there is a total difference in his mood and activity level.



Accident Free Household

Pug was having horrible "accidents" everyday. We've tried a bunch of diets, but none of them seem to work as well as MaxiFlora has. Total difference in his regulation, he seems so much more comfortable and his BM consistency improved!




Our breeder recommended MaxiFlora to us and our brand new Labrador took to it super well. Started giving it to her everyday and she's doing awesome. definite energy boost!

Bugles' Dad


Impressive Ingredients

Ingredient list is super clean - was surprised when I looked on the back to find all natural ingredients. I think my dog appreciates it too! Lol.

Marcy's Mom


Dog is happier and healthier..

It does the trick!




We were getting so worried about our schnauzer Biscuit, she was having diarrhea at least 4 times a day. She's been taking MaxiFlora for over 3 months now and she hasn't had any accidents since!! THANK YOU!



He can't get enough of it!

I swear my dog couldn't tell the difference between these and Beggin' strips.... he loves both just as much!



Recommending to my clients

I started giving MaxiFlora to my own dog after researching probiotics for myself and talking to my groomer - it totally opened me up to a whole new world. When I saw the difference in myself I figured it was a good idea to give my furball his own probiotic with a canine spin. I was so impressed with the results! Buddy's mood has improved so much and has a bigger pep in his step. I'm a dog walker myself so I've started spreading the word to my clients. A couple of them have already put in their orders, I hope they love it just as much as my Buddy did :)



Giving to my new puppy

He seems to like it we've been giving it to him for a week now thanks

Cartman's Mom


Nice Results

Gonna need to do cardio to keep up with my baby LOL



Got for my mom's dog

My mom has been up worrying all night about her dog for a while now. He was tired and didn't want to eat she was so scared he was sick. Vets couldn't find anything But he was still not better. Found this for the dog he seems to be feeling good now.

Campbell's Mom



Campbell loves the taste and we don't mind the smell at all. I know that's weird but my dog has some digestive problems and we've given him hardboiled eggs on rice for a month since our vet told us to to help. We saw a little improvement for a week but he was back to having his issues. Since he's been taking this he's been so much better it's a huge relief.



Helped my dog's constipation

I don't know if it has to do with the breed (pug) but Francis has problems with constipation. It's sad to watch because he seems so uncomfortable all the time. Our recommended MaxiFlora and he's really taken a liking to it. He's definitely not as constipated anymore and I think it'll keep going away, super impressed!



Husky Loving Family Here

Hi all...
We are a large family with more dogs than we know what to do with (love them though!). All huskies with beautiful coats. We started giving them supplements like MaxiFlora to help their overall health and the biggest thing I noticed... was how much prettier their coats were! Wasn't really expecting it or even looking for that in a supplement but happy with the results.

Felix's Dad


He seems healthier

My wife has been wanting to give our dog some extra support for his stomach for a while now. Remembered our breeder mentioning this and gave it a shot. Really happy I did because my wife stopped asking me about it AND he seems better than before. Two birds with one stone lol.

Rodger L.


Loving the results

Dog likes it... Wondering if my cat could take it too?

Cookie's Mom


Great for my pitbull

I swear she thinks it's a treat she's getting everytime I give her one.




I am the happy mom of four dogs. I am skeptical about adding new things to their diet, but once learning of the benefits of probiotics I knew it would be a good addition to their daily diet. They all seem so much happier and more energetic and playful than ever.



It really works!

Honestly, I was surprised to see such a difference after giving it to my corgi. Really did help with his indigestion - thank you!

Bear's Dad


Both of my dogs love it.

Saw the results in my first dog within a month easily, she was the one with the stomach problems. She was doing so well I decided to give it to my older dog and it's helped so much!




I have a 10 year old terrier who was getting exhausted so easily. He used to be super energetic in his youth but has definitely slowed down a bit. My breeder recommended it to me for my new puppy - don't get me wrong, they both love it but my older fellow has improved so much since I started giving him MaxiFlora. I haven't seen him this active in a long time!



They always want seconds!

Wanted to test this product out - I figured my two labs wouldn't be so happy... I was wrong! Muffin and Zero were OBSESSED! Great tasty snack for my furbabies and an even better result! They're more regular and their coats are much softer.



Super great for older dogs!

I've already seen such a difference in my dog's energy levels - he's a 12 year old Dobermann whose always been super healthy. As we know, older dogs tend to have a lot of health issues. I've been expecting them for a while now. But they were harsher than I expected. He's been losing weight and having diarrhea. Vet recommended different probiotics which were fine but did not do the trick like MaxiFlora did. Not only did it stop these problems immediately, but I can tell he's gotten so much more vivacious. The biggest thing for me was not having to see him in so much discomfort all the time. I'm just happy I found him something that actually works.



Great product

They get excited whenever I go to pick up the jar I have no complaints with the product it seems to really help and they like it.



Dog really likes them

My baby can be a super picky eater but she's taken such a big liking to these since I got them. Usually she sticks her nose up and walks away but not with these!

John H.


He fell in love immediately

He came running across the kitchen when I opened the jar I think he could smell it. Not a bad smell at all for humans, pretty inoffensive. I can tell he likes it too lol! Anyways bought it for my dog's digestion and it has helped keep him regular since we added it to his daily regime.



Works great!

I recently got a puppy from a breeder 7 months ago and they recommended this product. I was so happy with the results AI decided to give it to my older dog and saw the results in just a couple of weeks!

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Each jar of MaxiFlora is made with a carefully selected array of probiotics found in wild rabbits and deer

We are proud to make every jar of MaxiFlora right here in the USA

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